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Quai aux fleursConventions born in 2010 and is the product of a partnership between  “la Direction générale de la mondialisation” of the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs et l’Institut des hautes études sur la justice. Conventions is an independent think tank funded by both public partners and private partners.



Our partners include institutions (le Centre européen de Droit et d’Économie de l’ESSEC, le Conseil supérieur du notariat, la Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer), companies (Orange, Atos, Alstom) and law firms (Derains & Gharavi, Soulez Larivière & Associés, Kelley Drye, Skadden, Navacelle, Lebray & Associés). By supporting the initiative, they not only show their interest in our work, but they also participate in our meetings and events.

Finally, they are a force of proposal and inspiration, contributing to the direction of our work program.


(Download the Work programme and the membership form 2015)

Becoming a member

Join us, is supporting the initiative Conventions and having in return a free access to meetings (monthly discussion workshops at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conferences) for subscribers, and receiving our newsletter Conventions.

  • Individual Member: annual fee of 1000 euros HT (1200 euros TTC)

    For any professional interested Conventions and wish to participate in certain events.

  • Institutional Member : annual fee of 5000 euros HT (6000 euros TTC)

    For any company, law firm or other organization, the status of institutional member gives access to Conventions’ events for several employees and offers, if they want, a visibility on Conventions’ communication media (website internet, publications, work programs).

Becoming a partner

In addition to free access to Conventions’ meetings and to the periodic newsletter, being a partner is collaborating very closely with the definition of our annual working guidelines.

It is also helping us to create events or working groups around issues that are, for the partner, particularly relevant.

It is finally, if you wish, gain visibility as an active partner.

  • partnership: annual contribution of 10 000 euros (12 000 euros TTC)

    Partner status is open to private individuals as legal entities.